April 9, 2009

Day 9: Things I tell myself when I eat apples

I do not believe in the necessity
of breaking teeth to eat an apple.
Only in the necessity of breaking skin.

There also cannot be one true way
to eat the apple. Or to share it.
But I'll say it again, the skin must break
(even if the skin itself is not eaten).
But there is no need to scrape your gums on it,
or break your jaw. And if you are peeling
or slicing it, be careful with that knife.

Do you hear me? You don't have to hurt yourself
to eat that apple. You don't have to eat the skin
or seeds
or stem
or bruises.
God, you don't even have to eat
this apple.


Alisa said...

I liked this, Brooke.

ShalottLady said...

I like it too. The repitition really works, I think, and the fleshly-body-ouchy images.