April 2, 2009

Day 2: How to un-inform your self

If you know something and
aren't supposed to know it
or it is very hard to know
then there is a trick that you must learn
and I don't know what it is called
but it is something like canning

What you do is you get the something
into a can by saying that
it's for its own good
and promise to get it out when you most need it
and then you seal it
at the drypack cannery

with no label
so that it is un-visible
and no longer accessible for
anyone without the right tool
but especially you

You would think that the best thing to do with the can
is mail it away or hide it in the basement with the food storage
but really the trick is not to bury it in the garden

What you have to do
because it will try to be remembered and
be heard is you must
turn it upside down and force
another noise out of the can

It needs to ring out something loud and
but repetitive
so there is only the din of
its being dented

That is what you must do

1 comment:

Brooke said...

I think if I really pare this down, I can make it part of a series.