November 30, 2007

It's all starting tomorrow

Every day during the month of December, I will make sure there is a post up. This post may contain a writing prompt (for those so inclined to use them), a definition of a poetic format or structure (perhaps with an example), a hello, a quote, or a short, inspirational poem from a favorite poet. The important part is not what's in the post, it's in the comments. YOUR part is to post your flash poetry (playing off the term flash fiction) or short postcard poem, each day, in the comments for that day.

If you join in for the whole month or just part, I don't mind. If you actually post poems as your comments or not, I'm probably not going to say anything—we'll use a really loose definition of what constitutes a poem. So, don't be intimidated, don't be shy, don't worry about writing the best poem ever. We want the good, the bad, the cheesy, the crazy, the meaningless, the simple and the ugly. Let's just have us some poetic fun. Literally.

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